Corporate Finance

Interactive Capital Partners is a corporate finance advisory firm focused on assisting entrepreneurs find the right financing for their business. We match our clients need with the most applicable capital source.

our capital raising objectives

We has a proven track record of developing innovative financing solutions to enable our clients achieve their capital raising objectives. Each mandate is unique to the situation and tailored to:

Secure the best
available pricing
and terms

Leverage the time and resources of management team and financing sponsors

Develop multiple capital structure alternatives to enhance certainty of closing

Provide our clients with transparency and control over the process

Debt Financing

We are able to work with entrepreneurs and lenders to build a complete package that enable the entrepreneur to obtain the right financing at competitive rates.
  • We work with:
  • SME’s looking for financing between $500,000 and $100,000,000
  • Companies with revenue of less than $50M considering mergers, acquisitions and/or divestitures;
  • Private corporations in both Canada and the United States
  • Stage of business: start- growth, established, distressed.

What you can expect from us

We focus on assisting entrepreneurs find the right financing for their business.

Project Due Diligence

We perform extensive due diligence on our issuers and provide investors with
detailed information

Investment Structuring

We offer a variety of structures to meet different investors’ risk/return profiles and

Raise project equity

Big or small, we have raised equity for an extensive network of accredited investors

Investor management

We provide ongoing communications management between developers and

What we look for in projects

  • Established business with positive outlook
  • Solid market dynamics/fundamentals
  • Strong management team
  • Defensible competitive advantage/ability to achieve proposed returns
  • Ability to mitigate risks
  • Structure to match perceived risks with proposed returns for investors


On the lending side, We structure and raise capital from various lenders including chartered banks, secondary lenders, alternative financiers, venture capitalists, private equity firms and angel investors. On the M&A side we assist buyers and sellers identify potential targets

Bring your vision. we will find the way!