About us

Bring your vision, we will find a way!

why interactive capital?

we are an independent firm

Interactive Capital partners are completely independent from any one bank or group of investors. This means that we can source our finance solutions from the whole capital market.

we are passionate

We are passionate about our work, our clients and their vision. We set ambitious goals and do whatever it takes to meet them. We hire talented, action- oriented professionals who will take pride in our mission statement. We continuously look for better, more effective ways to work as a team and to provide our clients with superior service.

we have solid relations

Over the years, we have developed solid relationships with numerous funding sources around the globe. The diversity of these sources allows us to present our clients with not only more financing options to consider, but also with the best possible terms.

"go-to experts"

We strive to become the ‘go-to-experts’ in the industry when a creative and bold approach to funding is needed.

our Mission

Our mission is to deliver resourceful and innovative consulting services for the completion of financial structures conducive to the funding of projects in difference sectors, globally.


Our slogan “Bring your Vision. We will find the way,” is not marketing jargon. It truly speaks to the approach we take with every project, every client, every time.


The basis for how we interact with each other, do business with our partners, serve our customers, and achieve success, are: Integrity, Perseverance, Teamwork, Competitiveness.

The very first steps in project financing

  • 1s the project doable? Is there a feasibility study showing the financial viability of the project?
  • Are the project owners qualified to make it successful and ultimately do what they claim they can do? (What previous experience demonstrates it?)
  • Are the assumptions used in the projections, particularly the basis for revenue projections, realistic? How do they compare with industry standards?
  • Have all aspects (i.e. legal, regulatory, environmental) and risks associated with the project been properly addressed?
  • In the case of a real estate development project, does it meet regulatory requirements like zoning and environmental regulations?